The 8 Great Traditional
Chinese Cuisines


Even though this cuisine is not often seen, but it is the most influential and oldest in Chinese culinary.


Originated from the Fujian Province in China, also known as Fookien / Fukien / Hokien. This type of cuisines is also one of the popular Chinese cuisines in Filipino community, due to its dominant Chinese immigrants/settlers came from Fujian Province way back Pre-Spanish era until now. Fujian cuisines are the most cuisines being prepared in the Chinese household in our country, and also the most seen cuisines in Onpin (Chinatown).


Cantonese cuisines are considered the most dominant Chinese cuisines, due to its large immigrants throughout the world. It is also the dominant type of Chinese restaurants in the Philippines.


This type of Chinese cuisines are considered mostly to be as elite foods, mostly served to the nobles during the ancient China. Known styles are: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing.


Szechuan style cuisines are also one of the popular cuisines in Chinese culinary, most remembered due it's spiciness that could numb the lips and tongue.


This Chinese cuisines are considered to be most wide variety cuisines, due to its several styles of cooking, namely: Huiyang, Yangchow, Nanjing (Nanking), Suzhow (Suchow), Zhenjiang, Wuxi. It is also widely popular now a days.


Hunan Cuisine is popular for its extensive spiciness and extra hot.


This is a native cuisines of people in Huangshan Mountain region, due to the geographical conditions they mostly use locally grown herbs, vegetables and livestock.

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